About Us

I am a thirty-something mother who grew up in Queens, NY.  I was fortunate enough to be raised by my mother and grandmother, two of the strongest females I’ve ever had in my life. For twenty years I watched my mother pull day and night shifts with the NYPD, while still managing to make my brother and I her top priority at all times. This she did without help or the influence of any male figure.
 It was only after becoming a mother myself that I truly began to appreciate how extraordinarily strong my mother was. I lost her April 2020 to Cancer and in honor of her strength, I founded Strong Women Fitness or as some has come to know SWFIT_Ness.
  This is not your typical apparel company, this is a movement to encourage females to “Find Their Strong”.  As a woman, I know what we endure, what we overcome, what we struggle through, our feelings of self doubt and even self esteem.  I have fallen victim to that through a bad marriage and bad relationships but now I am stronger than I ever once was. Strength is not just our physical power! I am hoping to inspire, to empower our female community and make a difference in how we see each other.
Crystal  Lee (Swfit_ness Founder)